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After a 30-year career in corporate America I finally turned to my lifetime passion of pursuing art.  Throughout my school and professional years I had created a variety of  art for various school,  work and charitable functions as well as for my own enjoyment.  Years ago while attending the University of Virginia as I began doing a significant amount of portrait drawing for friends,  it occurred to me that one day I would want to devote full-time to painting and drawing.   Fortunately, several years ago I finally reached the stage in my life where this became possible.

I paint with different styles depending on the subject,  my mood, and the effect I'm looking for.   I love experimenting with different techniques, subject matter and best of all ... the different abstract images that seem to keep popping up in my head.   Painting "variety" seems to be the essence of my continuing  enjoyment.   Although oil painting is primarily what I do, now, I still enjoy drawing and sketching occasionally.

But what gives me the greatest pleasure is to work personally with a client to create a painting customized for their particular setting and tastes.   Upon completion they will own a painting designed specifically for them and their environment ... a one-of-a-kind comissioned  work.