How to Contract
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How to contract my work:

Choose your subject and setting ... provide a photograph for landscapes and portraits.   For an abstract (my favorite challenge!) ... we'll talk, discuss ideas, then I'll wing it!
I'll work with you to determine size, coloring and interpretive style
We agree on a price
I will complete the painting and present it to you
If you like it ... you pay me and it's yours
If you don't ... I keep the painting and you have no further obligation.  You pay nothing unless you buy the finished product.  Painting is now my life's work.  I am going to paint no matter what.  If I sell one, I receive the satisfaction of knowing I created something unique and memorable for another person, and hopefully enriched their lives in some small way.  If you don't buy it, I am still all the richer for the experience.
To have me work with you on a painting, call Tom Morgan at (214) 340-2533 or send an e-mail to


I hope to hear from you!