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Cross Currents 11 - final.JPG (786469 bytes)

"Cross Currents "

Oil on Canvas,  24" x 48"




Polygon 16.JPG (1284758 bytes)

"Who Let The Polygons Out?! "

Oil on Canvas,  30" x 30"




Woman in Window 09-best.JPG (656134 bytes)


Woman in Window 08a closeup.JPG (1007466 bytes)

"Woman in Window"

(my conflict between abstraction and the precision of math)

Oil on Canvas,  36" x 24"




Landscape_Fantasy_05_enhanced.JPG (447801 bytes)


Landscape Fantasy 14.JPG (722141 bytes)

"Landscape Fantasy"

Oil on Canvas,  30" x 40"




0-Rainbow Jungle 10a.JPG (830907 bytes)


1-Rainbow Jungle Sun 03.JPG (261486 bytes)


"Rainbow Jungle"

Oil on Canvas,  30" x 40"




Invading_Red_07.JPG (538189 bytes)

"Invading Red"

Oil on Canvas,  20" x 30"



The 'Thought' on 'this' canvas ..... 2015

The Blue and Brown areas represent stable, tranquil, co-existing ‘somethings’ …. could be anything in any area of life …. different peoples, cultures, religions – political or economic movements …. could even be earth itself, - the mountains,  rivers, oceans, plains, all evolved and harmoniously connected into a stable ‘whole’.


The Red represents a radical new movement, or force …. a force that is upsetting the balance and threatens change.   The frozen moment in time is shortly after the recognition of “Red” but before it has completely moved in.   In fact, Blue has even moved to a defensive position ready to take on Red …. protecting the content and stability of the present against the oncoming bright Red core of change.    Blue is making a stand to protect the status quo.   But it is too late. 


Further examination reveals that Red has already infiltrated into Brown … turning some areas into the more redish  tones.   Brown is either unaware or ‘accepting’ represented by the fluid integration of color.   In any case …. It’s too late to combat Red and eliminate it ….. it is already here.


Not to worry, though, …. because as with many areas of life Red will successfully complete it’s integration and become a working, positive part of the whole.   It will not be deterred …. It ‘will’ become part of the greater mass.   In the near future there will be direct confrontations with the bright Red core.   But there will also be continued smoother, more tranquil Red integration throughout the established whole.  The ‘whole’ is changing forever.   Red will slowly incorporate itself ….. integrate …. Blue and Brown will adjust …. and a new working order will be established.   Newer, younger replacement elements of Blue and Brown will never even know Red as a threat.  It will just be ‘part of what is’. 


And life goes on …….  



2b Simply Put.JPG (1576590 bytes)

"Simply Put"

Oil on Canvas,  24" x 36"





Transported_08.JPG (454778 bytes)


Sue playing her flute .... 'transported' .... into the kaleidoscopic realm of music

Oil on Canvas, 24" x 24"




Signora's Sister 08 final.JPG (1776089 bytes)


Signora Ronins.JPG (1992164 bytes)

"Signora's Sister"

(to Ross and Yanin on the occasion of their newborn son)

Oil on Canvas,  48" x 36"





Unifying Opposites 0502-best.JPG (1226453 bytes)


Unifying_Opposites_den.JPG (442074 bytes)

"Unifying Opposites"

Oil on Canvas,  40" x 30"




Icebergs 06 Complete.JPG (1141912 bytes)


Office 03.JPG (733712 bytes)


Oil on Canvas, 24" x 36"




Red Ahead 04.JPG (874018 bytes)


Red Ahead 05b.JPG (1081373 bytes)

"Red Ahead"

Oil on Canvas,  24" x 36"





Geometryville-05.JPG (2478226 bytes)


Geometryville in Den02.JPG (935041 bytes)


Oil on Canvas,  48" x 36"




Entrance_to_Tomb2.jpg (63713 bytes)

"Entrance to the Tomb"

Oil on Canvas,  24'' x 36''


(for sale)

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