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Tom Morgan

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My name is Tom Morgan .... welcome to my studio.

My passion is visually interpreting people, places and thoughts through oils on canvas.    My paintings are stylistically variant in stroke and texture.   I have been influenced by many artists of different periods and paint differently depending on how a subject or thought hits me.  For me this variety is the essence of my enjoyment.    I have no formal classroom training for I prefer the exhilaration of experimentation and discovery.   During the past 25 years I have learned everything about painting by observing and doing .... life's greatest teachers.        

I do primarily commission work for individuals and have been commissioned to paint landscapes, portraits, abstracts and occasionally studies of famous paintings.   I have done paintings for homes, businesses and offices.  Just click the hot-links above to learn more about me, see some example paintings, drawings and prices and learn how to contract my work. 

I also offer a unique warranty not available elsewhere.  There is absolutely  no down payment  and  no obligation to buy  until the work is completed and approved by you.        

If you are interested please contact Tom Morgan at:

                                (214) 340-2533         or